Technology Licenses - Represented by Hish

Redler – Part of Schenk Process Group

EN-masse leading technology provider for solid material conveying. Redler is a 100+ year old company leading the road of mechanical conveying for many years.

  • Cost effective: capital costs prove very competitive with other forms of handling equipment, thus giving quicker ‘payback period’. Power running costs are significantly lower than most other types of equipment and can be as low as 1/10 of dense phase conveying.
  • Low cost maintenance: heavy duty rigid construction in simple modules, high strength chain, choke detectors, overload and under-speed switches all ensure easy maintenance at very long intervals.
  • Environmentally clean: completely enclosed machines and transfer points of dust-tight and weatherproof construction.
  • Safe as all moving parts are totally enclosed.
  • Proven: Over 90 years of experience in handling hundreds of bulk materials worldwide within a wide range of industries.

Alfra KSE

Alfra KSE is a leading provider of weighing, dosing and mixing and is our partner for solving complex product problems.

Knowledge, service and expertise – these are the three pillars on which KSE Process Technology has built up its business for the past 40 years. By continuously monitoring these core values, Alfra KSE has become what it is today: the supplier of dosing and weighing systems as well as services for producers of powders, granulates and liquids in the animal feed and related industries.

Hish, as an Alfrs licensee has built very successful installations of dosing and mixingh systems for our clients, providing a one-stop-shop solution for a demanding challenge.

Alfra systems are flexible, cost efficient, material saving (no dust, no augers), work saving (automatic operation). They enable quick and accurate dosing with no waste and recipes of mixing is under careful control.