Oil, Gas, Biodiesel

INA, Croatia  |  BAZAN – Haifa Refinery; Israel Refinery| Israel Natural Gas Lines |  Paz, Israel

Power Generation

Israel Electric Company, Israel, INGL – NATGAZ Gas Lines

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Dead Sea Works, Machteshim, Agan Chemicals, Rotem Fertilizers, Periklas, Bromine Compounds, Haifa Chemicals, Carmel Olefins – Israel

Agrotechnical Plants

Grain storage, Feed Mills, edible oil extracting. protein recovery. Asamey Oz, Asam Hagalil, Dagon Batey-Mamguroth Le-Israel – Israel

Food Processing

Edible oil processing, drinks, fruits and vegetables, dairies, bakeries,  animal food

Miluot, Kofolk; Israel

Water desalination and waste water



Among our clients worldwide you can find:

Doosan Skoda, Czech Republic;

ABB, Switzerland;

Siemens AG, DE.

Oschatz, Germany;

General Electric,

Wood Group,

Thermal Engineering, USA;

Fiorentini, Italy,

Bateman Engineering.