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      Oil, Gas, Biodiesel

      INA, Croatia  |  BAZAN – Haifa Refinery; Israel Refinery| Israel Natural Gas Lines |  Paz, Israel

      Power Generation

      Israel Electric Company, Israel, INGL – NATGAZ Gas Lines

      Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

      Dead Sea Works, Machteshim, Agan Chemicals, Rotem Fertilizers, Periklas, Bromine Compounds, Haifa Chemicals, Carmel Olefins, Israel Petrochemical Enterprises, Israel

      Agrotechnical Plants

      Grain storage, Feed Mills, edible oil extracting. protein recovery.

      Asamey Oz, Asamey Hagalil, Dagon, Israel

      Food Processing

      Edible oil processing, alcoholic drinks, jams, frozen fruits and vegetables, dairies, bakeries, meat processing, animal food

      Miluot, Kofolk; Israel

      Water desalination and waste water



      Among our clients worldwide you can find:

      Doosan Skoda, Czech Republic;

      ABB, Switzerland;

      Siemens AG, DE.

      Oschatz, Germany;

      General Electric,

      Wood Group,

      Thermal Engineering, USA;

      Fiorentini, Italy,

      Bateman Engineering.